Who are we
The Italian marble company with the passion for exclusive design
Namco's story is one of love and dedication, it is the story of an Italian marble company rooted in the province of Massa-Carrara, world renowned for the superior quality of its marble. The care in the production and distribution of the most precious and high-quality materials, now combined with the reliability and know-how of a staff with 30 years of experience and ready to meet the requirements of the most coveted design projects, make Namco a solid reference point and one of the most important Italian marble companies, both nationally and internationally. From the passion for precious materials emerges the excellence in their use: Namco helped putting up sumptuous hotels, buildings, private villas and public buildings, always ensuring a successful fulfillment of every indoor and outdoor design project. Thanks to the care in choosing and combining the most fitting materials, Namco has been able to give shape and reality to the most exclusive design ideas, making it possible for concepts to become absolute architecture. That is the soul of Namco, one of the best Italian marble companies.
Marble, granite, onyx, stones, travertines from all over the world. The widest range of colours, from the most to the least intense shades, from the subtlest to the most distinct veining and to the purest white, to meet the needs of any design project. Precious materials for the most demanding architects. Supply of the best materials is always guaranteed, to ensure a timely delivery everywhere. This is why Namco is nowadays one of the best Italian marble companies. Namco's site is spread over a 15,000 sq. mt. area which houses a workshop yard and indoor warehouses in which the widest range of materials is stored, to promptly meet the needs of our Customers.
15.000 sq. mt. in which quality can always be found
the natural beauty of rocks
the Greeks used to call it "shining stone"
the very hardest rock
the rocks brushed by sulphurous gases
precious and striking look-throughs